Capturing moments through my lens is my second love. Born in the old Medina of Fez, Morocco, mathematics first stole my heart, but it was in Paris where I earned my Master's in Digital Communication. Drawing upon my technical expertise and interpersonal skills, I found a natural fit in UX Design, where I gracefully blend frames, colors, and words to tell captivating and meaningful stories that stay with you. Fueled by my passion for digital content creation, I am constantly motivated to craft unique experiences.

Exploring the connection between emotions and photography through her story as a passionate female portrait photographer from Fez, in Darejah, Moroccan Dialect, sharing with you her journey of self-awareness and emotional healing through the art of portraiture..

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“Portraiture is not just about capturing a person’s appearance, but about creating a visual representation of their inner world.”  -Cindy Sherman

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