She Haja, a tale of passion untold,

A female portrait photographer, from Morocco of old..

In Darejah, my voice you’ll hear me share,

Of my journey and my art, with care..

Through my lens, I see beyond what’s seen,

A path to self-awareness, a place serene..

The science of photography, my solace and guide,

Rebuilding my emotional health, with every shot I provide..

Portraiture, a special bond, between myself and the frame,

A connection, a reflection, that’s just mine to claim..

And self-photo-shooting, a joy beyond measure,

A way to express, what I hold so dear..

Sharing is empowering, therapeutic too,

So I host this podcast, just for me and you..

Exploring the connection, between my emotions and art,

A journey of self-discovery, where I start..

And as I close each episode, with words sincere,

I say to you, “Prend soin de toi,” my dear..

For Hanane, I am, and photography is my name,

A passionate tale, never to be the same..”

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